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If we are to offer Christ there can be no way around the offer of ‘His body’ – a localsupport hands for blog expression of His worldwide church. Kevin Giles gives a comprehensive statement concerning the church in What on Earth is the Church?┬áThis is highly recommended as a basic reader for ecclesiology. In this book the evangelical failure to give attention to the nature of Christ as expressed through His people is exposed. Too often in Christian history we have concentrated on the governmental structures rather than the heart of the matter – Christ being central to a group who share Him with each other and the world.

2 thoughts on “Christian Community

  1. Peter Butler

    I’m interested in the article noted above, What on earth is the church?” Where can I get it? It sounds like an issue I’ve been considering lately – and I’m touching on it in a sermon this Sunday. Maybe this is a message for our times? Given the state of the world, and the church, it makes sense that god would want to shake us out of our middle-class materialistic comfort!

    1. Paul Mowen Post author

      Peter – sorry for the late reply. The Keven Giles book “What on Earth is the Church?” is very comprehensive with a good index, etc. I have marked almost every page of it! Not sure where you can buy it nowadays. It was first published 1995 by HarperCollins. Giles is from Victoria. In terms of ecclesiology, he proposes a systematic theological summary of the church as ‘the Christian community.” (This is a far cry from the now entrenched idea of church as “a certain group of people meeting in a certain place at a certain time to do certain religious activities.”)


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