Christian Abuses of Grace and Faith

A Christian friend of mine in India told me this joke:

“We have all sorts of prayer in India. The Hindu will wake at 4am to honour his gods. The Muslim will wake at 5am to the call to prayer and prostrate towards Mecca and pray. The Buddhist will be up at 6am with an array of sounds and smells to chant and attempt to foster peace within. Then the Christian will wake up at 10am perhaps, have breakfast and then see if the Lord might be found…”

This demonstrates a key issue in regards to the gospel of Christ. The way to freedom is commonly taught as by grace through faith. I am convinced of this short statement. This blog site is named as such. However this phrase also gives us a clue as to the potential abuse of the gospel by many people.

Grace can often lead to license; and faith can often lead to presumption. This may happen when people don’t gain key insights and understanding in regards to grace and faith; they go down a counterfeit path that looks like it. Grace can be construed as the freedom to do anything I want or feel and faith can be practiced as trusting in my own judgements and ideas.

Our prayer should be that we avoid these traps. We should cling to Christ alone as our grace who gives us the freedom to do what we should do. We should also trust Him alone as the means to true freedom rather than trusting ourselves.

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