We Love in Hope

Chicken or the EggWhile we do our best to love people, to include them in our lives and in the Kingdom of God, the gift of eternal life is just that – a gift. It is not a reward for human effort.

We are called to love and to speak up concerning the gospel of grace. Love moves us to show an interest in people, to discover and appreciate what they live for and what their current challenges are in life. We can hope to bond with them, serve them and reach an understanding of their worldview and beliefs. We can take the risk of getting their honest opinion on the Christian faith and our lifestyle. We can take the risk of getting their feedback on our own personal understanding and experience of God and the Bible.

To understand the application of the gospel to their lives we can also ask important questions  concerning their sense of assurance and their understanding (if any) of key elements of the gospel like justification, deliverance or reconciliation. We can finally offer them the good news of the gospel – and challenge them to respond in favour of the Lordship of Christ.

Even if we do these things in an excellent manner, there is however no guarantee of success. It is not our effort or the personal choice of others that moves them into God’s kingdom – it is the sovereign power of the Spirit of God. The miraculous nature of this work should continue to hold us in the safe state of humility and wonder!

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