The Athiest and Being God

Job used a bit of discretion in making a complaint – and he had a few valid complaints. His account, the oldest account in the Bible we are told, is one of grave sorrow, deep losses, well meaning intentions of so called friends, and a fairly bitter wife. He suffers because of his righteousness not his sin. Why he suffers so unjustly is not explained.

The climax of course is the place of humility reached by Job in the face of the majesty of the creator God… Shall the creature lecture the creator?

Leunig has a good ‘prayer’ if you like for athiests in the western world – particularly Australia.

I want to be sub-human
And be a lesser man
Humans are too much for me
Too much to understand
They’re too much for each other
And too much for the earth
They’re too much for themselves as well
Much more than what they’re worth.
They want too much, they do too much;
Too much, too much for me
I want to be less human now
And be more creaturely.

To be a creature – is to be dependent, to be contingent, to be trusting others for your well being, to be reliant on the welfare of others or the system around you. Ironically, it is common to hear atheists complaining about ‘how god runs things so bad.’

It seems to me, atheists are obliged to replace God with themselves. When you try and remove God from the equation, the human being is now in the place of God.

Oh what a burden to bear!

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