Plausibility Structures

Our witness regarding Christ should include that of plausibility structures. This is espoused by the academic John G. Stackhouse Jr.

A ‘plausibility structure’ is a social reality or structure that points to something greater. By pointing to the structure and appealing to reason, faith in Christ is deemed as a fair response.

For instance, a rich love within a fellowship of local believers provides evidence for the plausibility that ‘perhaps Christ IS risen from the dead and dwells in these people!’

Or, the power of loving service by the church in the world is also evidence to the outsider that ‘there must be something in it.’

This is a means to be inclusive of people, helping them to belong to a fellowship before trying to convince them of the truth in Jesus Christ. People can belong before they believe.

Schools, created to foster literacy skills so people might engage with the Scripture personally – are a traditional plausibility structure to foster faith.


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