Origin and Evil

differing-worldviewsC.T.Wright makes it clear that evil is a major problem for the Christian. (See his book ‘The God I Don’t  Understand’). Other worldviews produce an indifference towards evil. People outside the biblical point of view can explain evil as either a) ‘part of the furniture’ of life (for aren’t even many of the capricious gods evil? Or life is ‘survival of the fittest’) or as b) a subjective personal perspective that requires ‘a change in view’ (just delete your desire for change or improvement and presto- evil will fall away).

The goal for most people with worldviews outside the church is survival of evil not its presence, its origins or it eradication. The Christian however has the bigger challenge – the proof of the Almighty and All-loving God is in our joint overcoming of evil as a partner with God in the same way His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ overcame evil.

We suffer the mystery and pain and heartache of evil like everyone else but we will not compromise with it, accomodate to it or become partners in it – we overcome it. The resurrection is one simple example. Death is an enemy to overcome; Christ overcomes it. We are called to overcome it too, and not give in to our fears concerning it. Sickness too is to be overcome – and the scientific method has been perfected in the West where the biblical worldview is rooted – where being my brother’s keeper and where compassionate intervention is given iconic status (nee the ‘Good Samaritan’ of Jesus).

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